We believe that affordable, easy to construct and energy-efficient building solutions are the future of the housing sector. As Uniqa we want to be a leading company and build this future together with you. That is why we are passionate about delivering beautiful, comfortable and cost-effective solutions for home building.

As Uniqa we want to make great products that contribute to energy efficient homes, thereby enabling many skilled Moldovans to use their talents in a meaningful work environment.



Our Story

In 2016, Aart Koelewijn, together with TGS developed a partnership with Anatol Malancea that envisioned starting a company to create employment opportunities in rural Moldova. With years of experience in the construction industry Aart identified a market opportunity to construct factory-built homes in Moldova using innovative Dutch technology and ship to clients all over the world. In so doing, Uniqa’s clients access the craftsmanship Moldovan workers are known for. Through their work with Uniqa our employees are able to support their families and the local communities.


Paul Schmidt



Anatol Malancea

Co-founder & Head of Sales


Klaas Evers



Adriaan Woonink

Operational Manager & CTO


Iulian Turcu

Production Manager


2020 goals

We measure our success by the lives we change. Below are some of the key goals we are striving to achieve until 2020.


Jobs created


Accomplished Projects


Houses for families in need


Markets Served

Our partners

We have the privilege of collaborating with like-minded businesses and organizations to multiply our impact in promoting and enabling energy-efficient home building throughout Europe and beyond.

Rc Panels was founded in 2012, by people who saw an opportunity to combine the traditional wood timer frame construction with a new gluing technology, vastly reducing the amount of wood required to build a strong house. Since its foundation, Rc Panels has grown and made a name for itself in the Dutch renovation market. Uniqa Wall Systems uses the same technology as Rc Panels and to this day we still get useful tips and tricks on things that are learned in the Netherlands. This ongoing partnership is the cornerstone of the success of Uniqa Wall Systems.

SEEM stands for Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Moldova. This non-profit organisation provides information on sustainability and energy efficiency, focussed on the Moldovan market. Besides providing information on the website several seminars and trainings are provided throughout the year to train professionals in the construction industry in Moldova.

Build & Grow organises corporate team building events during which a house is built in 3 days for families in need. Uniqa Wall Systems builds the panels in the factory and assists in the assembly of the house on the construction site. By using the panels Build & Grow can deliver on the promise of a house built in 3 days, as well as ensure a good quality home for the family in need.

TGS Business & Development has been involved with setting up Uniqa Wall Systems from day one. TGS is involved in initiating and supporting businesses worldwide. The vision of TGS is that companies contribute to holistic development by creating jobs, stimulating growth in the value chain and reaching out through social activities, in a sustainable way.

The Technical University of Moldova and Uniqa are partnering together to research and promote sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, including the passive house concept for the building industry in Moldova. Through this partnership, a "demo house" will be built in the spring of 2019, which aims to bring students, professors, designers, architects and engineers, NGOs, businesses and consumers together on a platform to experience the newest developments and discoveries in the building industry.

D&G Chaletbouw is a young company, specialized in the recreation and healthcare housing industry in the Netherlands. Uniqa Wall Systems is partnered with D&G Chaletbouw and constructs the components they use for their buildings. The experience of holiday home construction flows through these assignments, which showed Uniqa Wall Systems the opportunities that lie in this market.

Exklusiv Wohnbau is a leading developer in residential housing with presence in over 10 cities in Germany, offering state-of-the-art building solutions. Uniqa is honored to partner with CEO Paul Schmidt and the Exlusiv Wohnbau team to explore and promote latest German building technologies in new markets.

Uniqa is part of a partnership for introducing its innovative technology in Moldova. This partnership consists of Glashandel Koelewijn, TGS Business & development initatives and Uniqa Wall Systems. This partnership has received a grant from the DEG as part of the International Climate Initiative Project. The goal of this project is to create awareness in the building sector for Energy Efficiency and to help to introduce the innovative Sandwich Panel Technology.

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